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Thread: [CoD 1.1] Can you set sv_privatepassword on a bot?

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    [CoD 1.1] Can you set sv_privatepassword on a bot?


    I need to always have a bot in my server, for it to never be empty, to prevent an issue.
    I don't want this bot to be counted in player's count in game's server list, for that I modified an if in codextended source code, this is my first modification with it.

    The problem is that when I set a sv_privatepassword in my server .cfg, then the bot is not considered like a privateclient anymore, like it's not getting->setting the pw on itself.

    Is the addtestclient() function definition accessible somewhere? If not, why?
    I tried to "setuserinfo" on the bot without success, like if codextended doesn't have this func, but I can see this written in some files of it...

    I really want the bot to be considered as a privateclient because if it's not, then the player's count in game's server list gets a +1, that is not usable.
    I feel like there is a way to do this in codextended source code, without the need to set the privatepassword on the bot...
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