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    getstatus source ip

    Hi, I have modified the libcod getstatus function to allow a certain IP with no limits, but limit all other, my language knowledge isnt the best but it works.
    Now how can I modify this to load a list query_whitelist.txt of whitelisted IPs into a array in libcod and check them the same way?
    I have only 1 IP for now, but want it to be more flexible, as to not have it hardcoded and have to recompile to change it or add more.

    void hook_SVC_Status(netadr_t from)
    	char ip[64];
    	Com_sprintf (ip, sizeof(ip), "%i.%i.%i.%i", from.ip[0], from.ip[1], from.ip[2], from.ip[3]);
    	if ( strcmp(ip, "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX") == 0)
    		// Prevent using getstatus as an amplifier
    		// 3x in 5 minutes per address
    		if ( SVC_RateLimitAddress( from, 3, 200000 ) )
    			Com_DPrintf( "SVC_Status: rate limit from %s exceeded, dropping request\n", NET_AdrToString( from ) );
    		// Global
    		// Allow getstatus to be DoSed relatively easily, but prevent
    		// excess outbound bandwidth usage when being flooded inbound
    		if ( SVC_RateLimit( &outboundLeakyBucket, 5, 1000 ) )
    			Com_DPrintf( "SVC_Status: rate limit exceeded, dropping request\n" );
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