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Thread: [CoD4] Create .ff using a stand-alone tool

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    [CoD4] Create .ff using a stand-alone tool

    This tutorial is a quick and dirty write-up of how to set up a .ff creating thingy for your cod4 mod.

    1. Make a new directory
    2. Download cod4 mod tools (
    3. Extract "raw" and "bin" from the mod tools zip into your directory (you can delete everything except linker_pc.exe and mss32.dll from the bin folder if so desired)
    4. Create yourdir/zone_source/english/assetlist folder+subfolders
    5. Extract all iwd files from your cod4 main into a single folder. Copy the "images" folder into the "raw" folder.
    6. Create your own .csv file for your mod and place it in the new directory
    7. Create a .bat file in your new directory with the following content:
    @echo off
    copy /Y mod.csv zone_source
    cd bin
    linker_pc.exe -language english -compress -cleanup mod
    cd ..
    8. Copy the contents of your mod into the raw directory, overwriting existing files if required
    9. Start your .bat file
    10. Your mod.ff file is in zone/english folder.

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