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Thread: Meatbot for linux server

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    Meatbot for linux server

    Hi all, I recently started to run a CoD2 server, by no means an expert then, so I need a bit of help and was directed here.

    I have been running Source games servers for a while, like DODS and HL2DM, and there is a known community developing bots (both for windows and linux) and waypointing them, for me itīs quite important to always have a few on the servers, not to attract players -not really useful for that anyway- but to enjoy with my friends, donīt care so much about rankings.

    I didnīt find much information so far about this, just a few bits here and there on SP Meatbot. Is it possible to install this bot mod on a Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) VPS? The dreamed server would be something like this:

    Thank you guys in anticipation.
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    its very easy here u find the mods
    ur file structure should look like this :
    ° main
    ° modfolder
    inside the mod is ur cfg u have to adjust with ip server name etc
    and to start with the mod make sure ur start parameter includes +set fs_game modfolder +exec serverfilename.cfg

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