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Thread: Blender export to d3dbsp

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    Blender export to d3dbsp

    Yo all, I just had an idea.

    So everybody is using Radiant to compile the .map file via q3map/cod2map etc.

    But as much I realize, it should be possible to generate a .bsp directly from blender meshes. Each face of the Blender scene meshes is simply a plane inside the .bsp map.

    No filthy intermediate .map files needed at all. Having this freedom would allow an entire new dogma to CoD2 mapping. Speed mapping in blender and quickly export an .bsp map.

    It could even be used for lightmap generation, 2019 style.

    Anybody interested? Blender/Python scripting knowledge isn't even needed. The biggest problem is to generate a proper .d3dbsp file. The mesh data can be a simply .obj file or .gltf model format or whatever you are comfortable with. Then just iterate over all faces and generate the d3dbsp. Once that works nicely, it could be simply adapted for Blender/Python. Or just load the .blend files in JavaScript (there is a JavaScript .blend file importer).

    Side note: Blender 2.80 is fucking epic
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