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Thread: About This Service!

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    About This Service!

    Hello All!

    I would like to present my new Call of Duty 2 Game Tracking Service! :-)

    - Its only for Call of Duty 2

    - Updates every 5 seconds through AJAX

    - You can create individual server lists

    - Easy Search, just type something in search and every Information of every server is searched! :-) Example: Search for "christ snipers", to find the three Christian Sniper-Servers.

    - Easy Integration into a website per iframe!(You can even change the style and images of the embeded site through the &resource=-Parameter)

    I would like to read some feedback! :-)

    You can check it out here:

    kung foo man

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    Hi there,

    Great service, I must admit.
    It's way better than Gametracker, since it shows the version to you. So there's no need to connect to 20 servers before connecting to one which does not give you an error message like "This server is a different version 1.0".
    And the best part is: No connecting to servers where Gametracker says "map mp_toujane", you connect, and there's already carentan on with 5 minutes left to play.

    Thanks for the great service buddy.

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