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Thread: CodUO weapon Demage

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    Post CodUO weapon Demage

    Hello im completely new noob in UO

    I have a little problem on my rifle UO server with demage.
    The problem is that even if i shoot enemies in head(helm) they dont die they still have like 5-10% of health
    So my question is do i have to reduce healt of the players or give to each weapon more demage ?
    If you know the answer please send me the script or config entry and where to put it please

    Best regards

    (Thank you any1 for help)

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    Are you running any mods? I wonder if this is the default damage - usage rifle in head is dead

    Otherwise you can either edit the weapon files or fix it in GSC scripts - or if you are running a mod, maybe you have to edit a .cfg file. What fits in your situation?
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