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Thread: Changing map on MeatBot (CoD 2)

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    "Does not work" is an error report for a bug between keyboard and chair.

    All hail Artie Effem

    Sending me a private message makes me want to help you LESS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YuriJurek View Post
    Nobody here will dedicate their time to do everything for you, put some minimal work into showing how badly you need help and maybe somebody will pat an aye on your problem, otherwise you are in a wrong place to ask for help, this is a developers forum, well you can always make a mod request but I doubt that anybody will be interested when the OP is not himself.

    For your own benefit you should either try to dedicate some time into learning both English and basic ideas about how mods work, not even real programming at this point so it should only lead you into better understanding where we are coming from. is a great place to start, lots of the concepts from other CoDs, especially CoD4 are also true for CoD2.

    If someone did this, then they have ready-made files, why not upload it all for averyone, to see and understand where the new scripts was added this is for me it is not clear.

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