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    It works great thank you very much Does the...

    It works great thank you very much

    Does the code after fadeOverTime() get executed after it's amount is passed?

    I'm not sure to understand, I have this code for something else:

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    Opposite of fadeOverTime()?

    I'm trying to make the opposite of fadeOverTime()

    I mean I try to make the alpha to increase over time, progressively, according to a time value

    Could you help me please?

    I will post...
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    What is "var.archive = bool;" for ?


    I found this code in some files and I don't understand what it is for
    For example:

    self.hitblip.archive = true;

    Is it to save some memory ?
    When to do that ?
    Is it used only for...
  4. [COD 1.1] How to perform an operation when a specific map loads ?


    I use CODAM with MISCMOD, have few maps in my maprotation (server has a vote menu)

    I would like to allow automatic weapons when a specific one loads (default=only rifles enabled)

  5. Thank you very much, it works Here is how I...

    Thank you very much, it works

    Here is how I did, hoping it could help someone in the future :

    Modified starting script :

    created a folder called "rmod" in the same folder as where main...
  6. [COD 1.1] How to make a .pk3 used only on my server ?


    There is a .pk3 that replaces bullet traces colors.

    I want to put it in my server, if I put the pk3 in my main server folder, then clients will download it to their main folder and then...
  7. [COD 1.1] How to prevent it to run .exe files/PowerShell ... ?


    Do you know how to prevent COD 1.1 to run .exe files/PowerShell ? (in other words prevent it to run trojans...)

    I guess there is a software available to temporary prevent any PowerShell /...
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