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15th August 2013, 12:45
Hey Guys,
I working on a new big Project for Killtube Portal.
( In Minecraft Style )

You've come to the wrong people and you have to destroy the bridge now "KilltubBridge".
But you are a little worker.
This that you go through a portal you need to solve many tasks.
Jumps and puzzles are commonplace on the map.
If you have solved all the tasks and you're the first you must destroy the bridge.
The first destroyed the bridge wins the Map.

Auto Checkpoints by Si13n7
Time Bomb by Polo
Standard scripts like (movey, kills and more) by STAUFFi

What you can expect?
Over 120 tasks

I am working on the project since 1 week and I hope you will like the final project.

Pictures of the Spawn

(The other pictures I do not want to publish! )
Greets K~STAUFFii

kung foo man
15th August 2013, 13:11
Looks nice :D

15th August 2013, 16:05
I agree with kung :D